Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Cooking Class Instructor 

Linda Adimidjaja

It's been 32 years she dedicate herself in culinary field. She is now one of Indoensia Culinary Consultant. She started working in Femina as Culinary Editor (1981 – 1986), Nestle and joined back to Femina as Culinary managing editor for Femina Magazine ( 2002 -2012 ). She is a recipes  developer, Recipes Book Author, juror for culinary competion and many more field work in Gastronomy

Scrapbooking Instructor
Rani Yacob   
The founder of Kumpul Bocah and also Special educator in one of International Private School in south Jakarta.  She is now also teaching art and Craft session in her Special needs Department.


Alita Adimijaja
After Graduated form Psychology faculty of Indonesia University she dedicated herself in teaching for Special Kids.  Alita is one also a special educator in international private school in south Jakarta. She is now teaching in Learning Centre in her Special Education dept in her school.

Face Painting Instructor
Asella Tundra
A student in Trisakti university who is having her final project of her study. She studies in Design and Graffic faculty and she is also a design and graffic freelance. She is also active in make up and wardrobe in filmmaking.